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Solutions to Common Questions - eBay Importer/Bulk Lister

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:18 pm    Post subject: Solutions to Common Questions - eBay Importer/Bulk Lister Reply with quote

This information can be found when you log in your admin area and click on Bulk List/eBay Import in the left menu.

Requirements and help
I. Requirements

1. The bulk file must contain at least 50 products. There is also an initial limit of 10,000 total items processed and inserted into the store. After significant sales and feedback, the account can be reviewed for additional uploads on a case by case basis.

2. You must be able to ship the products to the buyer. If you are a dropshipper or distributor, you cannot use the bulk lister.

3. Bulk files/eBAY imports containing images from drop ship service networks or images created as variations of one or several images serving as templates will not be uploaded.

4. Uploading a bulk file/eBay import and then removing the store products or deleting the store and creating a new store and uploading a new bulk file/ebay import is considered bulk editing. As a result all future feeds will be rejected during the review stage.

5. Your bulk file must not contain products sharing the same photo.

6. Bulk file that contains many very similar products will not be processed.

7. You must include the header line which specifies the column names as a first row if you create a tab delimited file.

8. If you upload more than 200 products you must accept either PayPal, Stripe or both.

9. Images of products must not contain shipping, store details or other promotions within the image. This data should be included in the FAQ and Terms pages of the store.

10. There should not be past due marketplace cost amount.

11. The ebay import is not a sync and will not update products automatically. To update products that have already been imported from eBAY, you must initiate another import from eBAY and select the option "update existing products". Please note that this option will work only for stores whose initial eBAY import was done after 06/05/2017. The option will not remove items that were sold on eBAY. Such items must be manually removed from the eCRATER store.

The "update existing products" option on repetitive imports, will override on existing products:

1. Titles,
2. Descriptions,
3. Prices,
4. Condition,
5. Shipping,
6. Attributes

12. Uploading a tab-delimited text file (bulk file) will not update products. If the bulk imports are by tab-delimited text file, the products in the store must be updated manually through the admin tool for the store.

You must prepare tab-delimited text file. Each row of this file represents one product. Be careful not to include line breaks! Here is the sample bulk file: bulk.txt.

- title
- description
- local_cat_id
- global_cat_id
- image_url
- price
- weight
- taxable
- condition
- quantity
- shipping_us48
- shipping_alaska
- shipping_hawaii
- shipping_canada

Field's Definitions:

title - The name of the product.

description - Text describing the product.

local_cat_id - Local categories are the ones defined by you. They are valid only for your web store and their function is to organize your products in your web store. Please click on the link to find all local category id numbers:

Get All Local Category IDs

global_cat_id - Global categories are the ones defined by the eCRATER Team. They are valid for the main marketplace ( which combines all seller's items.

Please click on the link to find all global category id numbers:

Get All Global Category IDs

image_url - The URL of an associated image for the product. Use only full-sized images. Do not use thumbnail images. If you do not have an image available, leave the attribute blank. Do not include company's logo images and images that say "Image not available". If you have multiple images separate each one by a comma.

price - The price for the product.

weight - in lbs. Weight is only needed if you are using weight based shipping method. If you are using flat rate or free shipping leave it blank.

taxable - Defines whether the item is taxable or not. Valid values are yes and no.

condition - Defines the condition of the product. Valid values are new and used.

quantity - The number of items available. You can leave it blank if you are sure that you can provide as many as needed.

shipping_us48 - The shipping price to US-Mainland. If you are using weight-based shipping leave it blank

shipping_alaska - The shipping price to Alaska. If you are not shipping to Alaska or you are using weight-based shipping leave it blank

shipping_hawaii - The shipping price to Hawaii. If you are not shipping to Hawaii or you are using weight-based shipping leave it blank

shipping_canada - The shipping price to Canada. If you are not shipping to Canada or you are using weight-based shipping leave it blank

** Each item should be listed in a separate row, and its information divided into the appropriate columns. Make sure there are no line breaks in the description. If there are any replace them with \n. This will ensure you will not get structure errors.

III. Final Step

Upload the file. The process of reviewing is manual so we do not guarantee a time frame in which this will happen. If your bulk file failed during the verification phase please click on the error link to see what the issues are and try to fix them. If you are unable to fix them please feel free to email us part of the file (first 100 row max) and we will try to help you. Please do not email us the entire file.
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