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I give up -
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Even the high power sellers I've seen here are only selling 4 -10 products per month.. Is that considered good for this site?

zenden, I don't believe the Top Sellers in eCrater only do 4-10 sales per month. You really need to spend more time in research eCrater and look very close the Feedback of the sellers. For example look MoonwishesStore.

A fact about eCrater. The system only count your sales that receive instant payment. So if you payment is by "paper" or by an PayPal invoice even if you mark them as paid. That sales aren't showing in the count. I know it because last past months I have 1 or 2 sales monthly in that way. Also let not forget the indirect sales that came thanks to the site.

In my case, I'm a "part time" seller. For this year up to May my average is 3.4. So any sale is good for me. Wink

In the eCrater forum theres is always a lot of sellers ready to help, answers question, and give recommendations. But you must get in mind that not all sell the same items and you must be have an open mind when reading the comments.

MoonwishesStore, the problem is that some people don't understand that recommendations aren't obligations, but if next week/month or next year same people appears asking the same over again. Because never try any of them. It just somebody "trolling" in a forum making people lost their time. Laughing
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:36 pm    Post subject: Don't Give Up! Reply with quote

Don't ever give up! Every problem has a solution! If you quit then you've already lost the game!

Be determined to succeed and willing to do what you have to in order to achieve your goals! If Walt Disney, Sam Walton or Ray Kroc had given up, then we would not have Disneyland, Walmart or McDonalds today! Did you know that when Walt Disney was presenting his idea for "Mickey Mouse" to studios that he was rejected many times! But he was determined to succeed and believed in what he had to sell and because he didn't give up, look at the success he became!

As someone with a business education, I can tell you that when your business is failing, you have to take inventory of what is going wrong. If your profits are not keeping pace with your expenses, then you may have to change your business model. In order to compete, you'll need for lack of a better word, a "gimmick", that is, something that your competitors aren't doing that your business could profit from if you could discover it! Spy on your competitors, see what they are doing and look for holes in their business models then fill and exploit those holes!

Another piece of advice that I want to give you, and the most important, is to market, market, MARKET! If the demand for your products exists, then the buyers will come; however, if that demand does not exist, then you must create it. For example, do you have kids? How many times have they asked you for a new toy or video game? These items are clearly not necessities, yet your children are demanding them...why? Marketing! Or rather, creative marketing through mass media. You have to learn a little about human psychology. All humans behave the same way no matter how different we are on the outside. Everyone has voids in their lives that they're looking to fill. All you have to do is make a convincing case to them that what you are offering will fill that void. Basically, think like a lawyer. If you want to win over the jury, you must research the case thoroughly and then convince the jury and the judge that you are right.

I hope you understand what I'm getting at.

Much success!

Clear_Space80's Spring Cleaning Sale (
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