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Backing Up Your E-Crater Store

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:59 am    Post subject: Backing Up Your E-Crater Store Reply with quote

To some degree I'm worried what would happen if eCrater shutdown, or I had to move elsewhere. At this time there isn't any way to get a CSV or Text file of the listings I've made in my store. Someone submitted a similar question to eCrater and they said there was no way to get an export of your store inventory.

Until this is resolved and a backup directly from eCrater is available (like actually getting a copy of your stores mySQL database), I've devised an alternate method of backing up my store.

I have a program called Webzip which creates a zipped archive of websites that you can use to browse offline. You create a new backup project and enter the URL for your ecrater store (i.e. ). There is also an area to enter addresses to exclude. You should add the keywords "addtocart" and "view-feedback" here, or you will end up creating a cart and feedback page for every item in your store (which increases the size and time of your backup).

Then you just tell the program to run. It will go through your eCrater store and access every page, downloading all the graphics and HTML to your local PC (200 items in my store took about 8 meg of HD space). Then you can totally browse your store offline, copy text, save images to other locations, etc. If eCrater were to vanish, I would still have all my item descriptions and uploaded images in this webzip file. I could then just cut and paste to wherever I would go next.

The only downside is that it does access every item in your eCrater store, so your hit counters go up by 1 each time you run a backup. I'm sure it is a bit of a bandwidth hog on eCrater the first time you run it too (since it downloaded 8 megs from their servers in about 3 minutes in my case). Supposedly subsequent backups only add new or altered material to the webzip file, so bandwidth will be reduced.

Currently, I plan to run a backup each time I add 100 items to my store. Just thought I would pass the info on to those who want to backup their store inventory, but can't.
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