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Google Attributes problem - Processing Failed Image Link
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

pickychicky wrote:
MoonwishesStore wrote:
The thing that frustrates me the most about Google is we have NEVER signed up to sell with them. Yet somehow they think that they can dictate the rules to all online sellers, yet we never get one cent for the money that they make on us...That is what goes to the head of my frustration with Google.

Actually, it's just like a marketplace site needing to control its own Google visibility by setting SEO guidelines to keep online sellers from damaging the entire site's visibility. Google has had to set those SEO guidelines to ensure quality, relevant results are provided, which has always basically stayed the same (keep it simple and real) despite the many algorithm changes (mainly for applying programming to thwart cheaters and scammers). The attributes are for Google Shopping, not organic search. If you pay a fee on a marketplace transaction, then you are paying to use Google Shopping.

This is what I've been talking about. You obviously don't like paying that money to Google anymore than I do, particularly not for what we supposedly get in return, but really don't despite the hoops we jump through. So, if we're going to pay, anyway, why not let that money go to eCrater, instead, so they can actually put it to much better use for all of us? It's good to be seen in the marketplace, but it's only ONE area to be seen. We need to be seen everywhere and Google organic is free, no attributes required (although, they do help in organic search, you just don't get disapproved for errors; they simply ignore the mistake as if the attribute doesn't exist).

Having access to the Search Console with the G code would show you what's not getting indexed so maybe you can figure out why or simply submit it for indexing. If you're having trouble, you would be able to contact Google directly for assistance because you would have the G code required for your account. So, really, what's more important to you as a seller? Paying to have your visibility toyed with just so you can be seen on a minuscule fraction of the internet (maybe) or paying our guys to focus on properly maintaining the site, keeping up with the times so we remain competitive, in control of our own visibility, and can be seen everywhere for free (no additional expense required on either side)?

Sorry, I had an afterthought to add to the above for those thinking about mobile shoppers, which they claim to direct to Shopping...

I have the Google app on my phone and use it often. Whenever I search for something, I am never taken straight to the Shopping page. I am given the option at the top just like I am on a desktop...images, shopping, etc. So, while mobile use might be up, that doesn't mean that Google Shopping's use matches that. So, really, what use do we have for Google Shopping? It's been since we started paying them that my items have completely disappeared from organic. As mentioned previously elsewhere, it has been since December 2017 that I last had a direct sale.
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