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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:57 am    Post subject: Re: negatives on orders Reply with quote

jida wrote:
I already did and thanks.

There are things concerning sellers that need to be addressed beyond chatting sellers, no disrespect, who try to answer seller's problems but can't due to limited information provided by the owners, developers of ecrater.
The thrust of my concern is about the negative comment and its value in the equation of of the seller's rating. I have seen the responses on this community and there are no expanations about why there should be a potential 200% swing in the seller's rating, from -100% to +100%. This absolutely makes no sense. There are some things that eBay and other websites take care of better than, like the seller rating. Just because ecrater is gaining awol's from other sites doesn't hide the fact that there things on ecrater that could be improved like experienced sellers on ecrater who don't have the information to properly address other sellers and their problems. You should not have to incur a negative rating, meaning a negative number value w/ a possible 200% swing in ratings,a 100% swing is the only true value, maximum swing. does not a very good job on rating sellers.

No one is disputing this fact. eCRATER has some way of determining values of feedback that I don't think anyone here understands. You aren't being singled out. The fact eCRATER doesn't do things the same way other more sophisticated sites do them is not the issue. All sites have short comings. You can either live with them or not. For a free site this one is pretty damn good.
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