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Very slow in sales
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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 6:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

@Pretty Pelican, I just took a little time to check out your store and I had lots of questions about your items. Since you have a category for handmade items should I assume the items in the other categories are not handmade? Very few of your titles state your items are handmade.

The beard hat beanies for men would seem to be really practical. Do you purchase them for resale or do you make them yourself? You say "Licensed Patented Design". Does that mean that your supplier licensed the design or did you license the design? Each color needs it's own page on eCRATER so the buyer can purchase without the back & forth contact. If you make them yourself, you might want to add one in a solid color for the hunters. I would think this would be really good when you are hunting on a chilly morning, but you would want something in a darker solid color to blend with your camouflaged clothing.

In your hat category I would think it would be important to say if it is handmade and was it knitted or crocheted? People who don't do needlecrafts can't always tell the difference, but if they purchase something handmade they want to know so they can tell their friends. Also, when you describe a feature that is unique to the hat, you should make sure you include a photo of the feature.

Your Baby Barefoot Sandals are adorable. Looking at the pictures, do I get 3 or 4 for the $5.00? One picture has 3 shown but the other photo shows 4? ... I know the price is for one, but when you think like a buyer Rolling Eyes You need a single listing for each color, and mention the color in each title. Can you borrow a baby to photograph wearing a pair of the sandals? It's really hard to picture how they would look. It would also be really cute if you had a small narrow headband with matching flower as a set (a different item) since so many mothers use headbands for their little baldheaded girl babies. Again, a photo of a baby wearing both would be "worth a 1000 words" of description. Another suggestion, I saw the "beard" on the baby hat as an attached strap, but I would want the hat and strap from the same color. Maybe another product possibility?

Hopefully some of this will be helpful. Just remember, folks still go to Etsy thinking they are only going to find handmade or vintage, Rolling Eyes , but you really need to make sure your customers know you made the item. That fact needs to be in the title of every item for which that fact is true. I would love to see eCRATER become the new go to site for handmade items.
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PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 6:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sheila, at least here in PA the hunters need to wear a flourescent orange hat or other article that is high enough up so that other hunter don't mistake him for a deer. But all you advise is right on, I tried to mention it to her, but you did much better.

I wonder where I can borrow a baby, just to cuddle. My cleaning lady had a foster baby for awhile so I got to hold him when she brought him to work. I would think cuddling and nice happy baby would bring down blood pressure anywhere from 10-20 points systolic and 5-10 diastolic. But yet it would be so cute to have a baby wearing a headband, sandals and throw in a diaper cover that matches as well and you have a complete baby present without having to look for matching pieces.
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