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Newbie but an oldbie at the same time

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:32 am    Post subject: Newbie but an oldbie at the same time Reply with quote

I ended my store on ecrater because I have absolutely no idea about google attributes with respect to jewelry. Selling on ebay for 12 years was no help either. While I still have my ebay store, I thought I would give ecrater another go. Still, none of my items have been inserted into the google feed. Yeesh!

There is no brand name as I have these items made for me. There is no upc, no gtin, no whatever!

Sooooooo, I changed some of the listings with various attributes hoping one might stick but you guessed it, no insertions.

I purchased my own domain so I am totally serious about selling on ecrater. I have friends in Australia as well. Is there anyone out there?

Sad in Connecticut
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome back. Have you done a search for the topic of 'Google attributes jewelry'? I know there have been quite a few discussions about what attributes to use. Since I don't sell jewelry I ignored them, but perhaps someone else will come along to help you out.

In regards to your store, I did notice a few things that may be taking away from your store looking as professional as possible. On your home page, this is all you say in regards to your store:
The American woman is happy yet delicate and American Classics offers timeless jewelry pieces for all ages.
This sentence is convoluted at best. I don't really understand it and the first phrase reminds me of the writing of our foreign sellers' way of writing things, especially knowing that not even most American women are happy nor are they delicate. I shouldn't have to think about what you were trying to say here, especially since this is your 'welcome' page. This would be a good place to mention that you make these pieces yourself or did you just design them and someone else, or a team, makes them? If so, where are they made?

Same thing on your About us page:

American Classics is a sole proprietorship established Noticeable Jewels in 2006.
Yet another sentence that is incomplete or incorrect, but whatever, it really isn't understandable. You may have started some business in 2006, but what is your background for these handmade pieces? Your pieces do not look like the normal handcrafted items that we usually see here, so I think a buyer might be interested in your background that led you to make these items. Nowhere on your site do you claim to be the designer, maker, or whatever.

A word of warning. I also noticed that each item you list, or at least the ones I saw, show: List Price: $1,739.40, with whatever the list price might be. The only place that you indicate that your jewelry is made by you is in the question that you posted. Having a list price that is about 3-4 times what a piece is listed for, doesn't give me any indication that it is made by you, more like something off of an assembly line. I have become more aware of the 'compare' price and 'list' price after being in a class action lawsuit against a store that routinely advertised everything with 'compare at' prices when in reality they never sold it for the 'compare' price. I currently have a $160 gift card from the place to go shopping from the store as they lost the suit. Just saying that if you never actually have your items listed at the 'listed' price, you may find yourself in some trouble.

I do hope you find success here. Don't forget that you will need to be doing, for the most part, your own promoting. My words are only meant to be of help as we want all sellers to be as successful as possible because that helps us all to be successful.
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