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Hello everyone welcome to my store

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:20 pm    Post subject: Hello everyone welcome to my store Reply with quote

Hello everyone I am selling here for while I carry home decor electronic fashion jewellery garden and much more items posts every week new arrive right now I have selling over 900 items for shipping please note all electronic are only available for USA shipping rest items ship to USA and Canada this time if something changes I will post them some time due to limited edition or higher selling items sold out but I tried my best possible keep them updated in this matter if you purchase items is sold out I will refund your money back guarantee right away no worries about anything for refund please note only shipping cost is not refundable because it's going to pay to shipping company once I receive your return back with original condition I will refund your money right away less shipping even there is a free shipping any questions please don't hesitate contact me at any time thanks very much for your time business and welcome in our community
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, welcome. I see you have been selling since at least spring of 2017, so you are correct that you aren't new here.

You probably won't like what I have to say since you didn't ask for help in that batch of words. Since there was no period at the end it, it isn't a sentence or a paragraph. That is one thing you have to fix. All your text that you have added to your site has the worst looking, non-professional writing, with no grammar or punctuation. This is why spell check and grammar check were invented. Use them. I would never buy a thing from anyone that presents their store as you have. Your titles and descriptions I suspect have come directly from a drop shippers catalog as do the photos.

Secondly, why are you charging California sales tax when you indicate you are located in PA. If you live in PA and sell from there, you should be charging PA sales tax not CA. If you are drop shipping from CA I might understand but it seems screwy. Some of what I sell is made in Kansas, but that doesn't mean I charge Kansas sales tax. You still need to charge PA sales tax to those in PA buying from you. Do you have a reseller/tax permit for CA and PA?

According to eCRATER rules, you cannot be selling something that is out of stock. You can not just put "out of stock" in the title and let it go at that. You either have to delete the listing completely or hide it. You have one negative because of this. Yes, sometimes we all might have had something go out of stock and accidentally don't delete it but discover it when someone orders it, but then we email a sincere apology to the customer and immediately put the item on hold. You shouldn't have a policy in place to handle sold out item. Currently, you have 41 items listed in your store as sold out! That can get you suspended.

If I was reading your refund policy correctly (kind of hard to read it), if you foul up an order and they need a refund, you should be refunding them even the shipping, just like the rest of us do. We all have to pay shipping to get an item to the buyer and if we goof, the buyer is entitled to a whole refund including the cost of shipping both ways if needed. Just because you are paying a drop shipper for the shipping shouldn't mean that you shouldn't have to refund the shipping. You have a lot of unhappy customers who haven't received whatever they bought. Did you refund them fully?

The other things I noticed, is while you have every right to call your store whatever you want, I didn't see and I suspect that there are NO handmade items for sale in your store. That to me is false advertising.
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