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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 8:27 am    Post subject: attributes Reply with quote

Is there a section about attributes? 60% of my items are coming up Invalid attribute: gtin examples: Errors: # of errors 331.

Next question, is there a complete list of my failed items? Confused
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to see a complete list of your failed items. You might contact ecrater to see if this is an option. Since your errors relate to gtin attributes and those are Product Identifiers you might try clicking on "Missing unique identifiers" at the top of your products list in your admin. You should also check Missing required attributes, Google quality, and Disapproved from Google. I would do the searches individually, then click on the "G" button for an item to see what error you are seeing. This way you can see if there is a pattern to the problem. Maybe all the item seem to be in one or two categories which may help to identify the problem. Once you correct the problem, it can take weeks for the error message to go away. After you've made the correction, eCRATER will submit the item on the next feed, but they don't remove the error message until Google clears the error message which can take weeks sometimes.

There are 2 major categories of Google Shopping Attributes that we must be concerned with on eCRATER if we want our items to appear in Google Shopping (GS) and those are Product Identifiers and Detailed Product Description. The items will still appear in the major search engines without attributes, but you must add them for placement in GS.

In the category of Product Identifiers there are 4 options; brand, gtin, mpn, and identifier_exists. A gtin is the Global Trade Item Number which is a number the manufacture or publisher paid to have assigned to their product. The gtin may be a upc (in the US), ean (in Europe), jan (in Japan), or isbn for books.
* brand - Required for all new items (except books, movies, and music).
* gtin - Required for all new items with a gtin assigned by the manufacture (you exclude all spaces and dashes).
* mpn - Required for new items when no gtin was assigned.
* identifier_exists - use for all items that do not have the above listed identifiers. This would include (but isn't a complete list) handmade items, new items with customization, vintage / antique items, books published without an isbn, clothing without a brand name. You are allowed to use brand, mpn, with identifier_exists if you wish.
Currently GS says to use a value of "no". On eCRATER you can enter a value of no, No, NO, false, False, or FALSE. All forms of both words are acceptable on eCRATER.

NOTE: If you do not submit any of the above, GS will assume a Product Identifier of Identifier_exists with a value of yes and you will get an error or disapproved.

NOTE: When entering the gtin attribute use the actual type of gtin as the attribute title, like upc.

The second category is Detailed Product Description. Many of the attributes in this category are submitted by eCRATER for us based on the information we enter when we list the item. If your item falls under the eCRATER Global Category of "Clothing & Shoes" OR "Jewelry & Watches", there are additional attributes required by GS.
* age_group - accepted values are newborn, infant, toddler, kids, or adult
* gender - acceptable values are male, female, or unisex
* color - must be a color name, do not enter terms like multicolor, variety, various, etc. If the item has more than one color, enter the primary color first followed by other colors using a forward slash (/) to separate the colors. Do not use a space, ie. red/black/white.
* size - if the item is listed in Clothing & Shoes.

NOTE: If your item is listed in a subcategory that states the gender and/or age, you would not need to enter that attribute. For example, if you are selling a girl's T-shirt and it is listed in the Global Sub-Category of Clothing & Shoes > Kid's Clothing > Girls, then you would not have to add the GS attributes of gender or age_group.

If you are listing jewelry or watches, you might want to add material in addition to color for those items made of a precious metal (sterling silver, gold, platinum). For example, a platinum ring would have a color of silver and a material of platinum.

1) You can enter your attributes in the table on the Manage Google Attributes page OR in code at the end of your item description. If you enter them at the end of your item description, they must be entered in the following format [!attribute_name:Attribute_value!]. After you have added or edited an item, when you return to the admin view of that item, your GS attributes will appear in the Attribute Table AND in code at the end of the description. They WILL NOT appear at the end of your description when the item is viewed from the customer view in your store or on the marketplace. If you enter your attribute incorrectly, it will appear on the customer view of the item which is a quick check to know you need to correct your input.
2) All GS attribute names MUST be entered in lower case. No capital letters are allowed. No spaces are allowed.
3) GS attribute values may be entered with or without capitalization and with spaces.
4) The GS attribute "condition" is submitted based on the information you enter when you create the listing. All "new other" items will be submitted to GS as new.
5) Currently, the GS directions state some GS attributes are requied if new, but it is better to enter identifier_exists for all used items if you don't have the required attributes regardless of condition.
6) Not all GS attributes are available on eCRATER. Check the ? box on the GS attribute table page or click on "Promote My Store" in your admin for additional information.
7) A GS attribute name can ONLY be entered once. The size attribute will only accept one value.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you add a new product and didn't add attributes, eCRATER will still submit the item on the GS feed. When eCRATER receives an error message from GS, the error message will appear on the item page. REMEMBER, this error message is the message eCRATER received from GS. After you correct the error, the item will be submitted again. At some point, Google will review the item and respond back to eCRATER. The error message on the item page will remain until updated information is returned from GS. This can take quite some time! Make sure you have entered your attributes correctly, then don't worry about the message ... it will take time so just ignore the message for a few weeks. You can spot check your item in GS to see if it has been added.

DISCLAIMER: I am a seller on eCRATER. I am NOT an employee of Google or eCRATER. This information is based on my experience with GS, information provided by GS, information provided by eCRATER, and information provided by other sellers here in the Community. in hopes that it will be helpful. The eCRATER customer service team is always available from the contact link on the home page of the marketplace.

Helpful Information:
Google Product data specification

updated: 12/26/19
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:56 pm    Post subject: Invalid attribute Reply with quote

Really good news here. My Invalid attribute GTIN went down from 120 to 118 and I have not a clue why. Confused
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