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Store Set Up

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:04 am    Post subject: Store Set Up Reply with quote

Why my images are being cropped?

Cropping is only applied on the thumbnail images. The idea is that there is no need for the thumbnails to display the whole photo. Their function is just to make the buyer curious.

Yet if you would like to avoid cropping you have to upload square image. Do not resize your image, it will be resized automatically.

I set the shipping in my ecrater store but when a customer pays with paypal additional shipping charge is added.

Log into your Paypal account and make sure the override check box is checked in your Profile. If omitted, and your Profile-based shipping is enabled, your customer will be charged the amount or percentage defined in your profile.

When I click on the activation link it says "You are trying to activate an illegal account!"?

This is because you clicked more than one time on the link. Please note that your store cannot be activated twice. Once your store is activated if you click on the link once again you will get the above massage. So just sign in with your account and you can start setting up your store.

Could you please explain the shipping matrix?

Shipping matrix is an important part of the weight-based shipping. Sometimes flat rate shipping is not suitable. For example imagine that you are selling post cards, or stamps or t-shirts. If you set a flat rate of $5 per item and somebody orders from your store four post cards the shipping will total $20. Obviously, it is not acceptable to pay $20 just for shipping just of four post cards. Here is where the weight based shipping can help. With the shipping matrix you can set different rates depending on the total order's weight.

- The horizontal represents all weights according to the weight scale you choose in the "Weight Scales" menu.

- The vertical lists all the zones that you have selected in the 'Shipping Zones' menu

- Where the horizontal and the verticals cross, fill out the shipping prices.

I am trying to create a store with eCRATER but noting happens when I click on a button?

Currently, eCRATER is optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, Safari & Konqueror. Please make sure that you are using one of these browsers. We do not support AOL Internet Explorer. JavaScript must be enabled too.

If you can please provide snapshots.

My store suddenly stopped working. When I click on any of my items I get a message "no such product".

This means that your store was suspended for violation of the eCRATER terms. Please read them very carefully, expecially sections 3.2 and 3.3 of our terms. You have to identify and fix all problems before emailing us with a request for re-activation.

Why did all my hits go to zero

In the beginning of each month your hits are being reset to zero. If you need full statistic please activate Google Analytics for your eCRATER store. This is in menu Options.
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