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How does my store look?
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2022 4:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Continuing on the same listing as what Maggie/Viewfinders mentioned. You need to iron those pillowcases pristinely. Lay them on a neutral background. A flowered sheet or a Christmas quilt detracts from the pillowcases themselves and sure as shooting someone will think they are going to get that quilt!!! With the patterns I used to sell, even though I made it very clear that I was selling a sewing pattern, people would write and ask for the blue dress. One lady in the UK ordered a jacket pattern and when it got there she was mad that it was a pattern for the $10 + SH (or whatever the charge was) instead of a brand new COAT! I can understand the kid in France thinking he was going to get a tuxedo as my listing wasn't in French so he had to translate it somehow, but someone in the UK should understand a listing that says 'Sewing Pattern" three different times as well as photos showing front, back, and line drawings of the pattern.

One of the pillowcases I think you were going for maybe a lighthouse with a setting sun? I'm not real sure, but this is where, since you have three different ones, where the word 'Lighthouse' absolutely has to be in the title. As each of them have a different design. I would make three different listings as well so that there are NO goofs. Buyers buy what they think you are selling, not necessarily what you are actually selling.

If you click on the www button under any of our posts, you can see each of our stores and see how we do listings, and the different, YOU, Terms, FAQs, etc. My store has everything on hold as I wasn't sure if I would be back or not, but you are welcome to see how I did things. I had over 5800 sales so I figure I was doing something correctly.

I made these pillowcases with fabric, a ruler, a cutting mat, a pair of scissors, and a sew machine.

This is not info that you need to provide as most buyers understand that you had to use these items or something like them to make the items, including a sewing machine to make them. They do need to know whether or not they are made with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or some combination thereof. They also need actual sizes as saying they are bolster sizes isn't going to give the correct size for it and if they are a bolster pillowcase, they should be displayed on a bolster pillow of the correct size and shape.

When it comes to selling online and making a title, you have to think about what are the words a buyer who wants what you are making will use to find it. I have told those who sold prom gown type actual dresses, that they don't need to put "gorgeous, beautiful, elegant, etc." in the title. Who would look for a gorgeous dress? That is a given. No they are looking for types of dresses such as a mini dress, ankle length, sleeveless, strapless, mermaid dress, full skirted, and on and on. As well as size as no one wants to waste time looking for dresses with no sizes given. They need to see the important facts about a dress so that when they impute into a search engine that they want a mermaid style dress in hot pink size 4, that is what the search engine will return results within those parameters. In the listing for these pillowcases, only one of the words in the title that they would search for is pillowcases. So you need something about the size, both inches and metric and the words king size. After you have inputted what is needed as description of the item, then you can put handmade, custom, etc.

Once you get used to doing titles and descriptions in this way, then you can easily make new ones. This particular listing needs to be in three listings
as each pillowcase is different. You can list it at the size you have made it, but then stated the other standards sizes you can make them. As a sewist myself, I have to ask if you have more of the same fabric for each of these pillows to make multiples of each of them? Fabric does go out of style and out of stock at stores, so unless you have several yards of each fabric used, you are going to have a tough time selling more of these. One of the reasons you have to be very careful on the custom/handmade end of things. One of the reasons, among many that I wouldn't sell things I had made as I was always scared I would not be able to make things identically. Once I was doing a real custom job machine embroidery for a lady in town and I had a major accident while doing the monogram, and I knew I had to fix it somehow or go to Penny's and hope that I could find the identical top again and in the same size/color. I managed to fix it, but for me it was too much ulcer inducing (and I've actually had them so I didn't need anymore LOL!) All those fun things to think about. Not trying to discourage you, but am trying to help you think through what you have to think about as you go.

Sorry that this is so long, but just wanting to help.
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