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Re: Hello from Sunny Florida and the Sunshine Girls!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 4:44 am    Post subject: Re: Hello from Sunny Florida and the Sunshine Girls! Reply with quote

Hello! Smile We're new here at eCrater and hope we have made a good choice in starting here while our websites are being built. One for our children's items, and one for our antiques, vintage, handmade gift items, and refurbished gems. We are, mom the older one & main chief Debi, daughter is Heidi, and daughter in-law is Jennifer. I already work at home, and we're working on bringing home the girls. With five children between the two girls, and jobs, we want a better way and life for all our families. So we're working hard to make it possible, especially for the benefit of our little ones. Being to busy surviving we never had time to do the things we enjoy and one day decided we could make a living doing what we enjoy, instead of punching someone elses time clock and making them large amounts of money while we get pennies, got no where, kids weren't happy, and our familes were falling apart! So that's our new direction and with the help of God I know we can do it. We also get to spend much more time together as a family, a luxury that is diminishing in todays world. We all live in Florida, Lakeland and Brandon, Brandon is really part of Tampa.

I spent last evening reading all the posts in here and seems that there is quite a family here too. Some of you seem very kind and helpful to others in guiding them to success with much information. That's really nice to see. If any of you who do this kind of thing would be willing to look at our eCrater store, especially in the areas of About Us, FAQ, and Contact Us pages and our store set up, to give us good or bad feedback, we would appreciate it. We just want to make sure we haven't missed any important information we should be giving, and that what we do have makes sense. Thanks to anyone who might do this in advance. We are just wanting to not make to many mistakes or get burned, because we didn't know better.

Anyway it's nice to be here, and look forward to meeting ya all. I wish success to all for your dreams to be real, your lives to be changed for all that is good, and hope we all climb the mountain to the top! See ya there!

To those of you closer to there than I ....... You Go!!!!!!

Dreams - Find it! Dream it! Do it! Live it! Be it! And your dream will be reality!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello and welcome from Venice Florida Very Happy
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