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If you think you are suspended PLEASE read this topic first!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 9:12 pm    Post subject: If you think you are suspended PLEASE read this topic first! Reply with quote

Your store may become suspended if you violate the eCRATER Terms of Service located here:

There are three very important sections in our Terms of Service that you need to read: "Basic requirements", "What is not allowed to post?", and "Content Requirements"

I. Basic requirements

  • You must provide accurate and verifiable contact information when registering on the Website.

  • All texts must be in English

  • All prices must be in US dollars

  • The sellers must be able to ship throughout the United States.

  • If paid through PayPal/Stripe the sellers must ship within 5 business days after the payment clears. Exemptions from this rule are cases when you ship custom made items or items that require time to be produced.

II. What is not allowed to post?

  • Body parts & organs

  • Pirated materials and products

  • Copyrighted or trademark materials (images & texts)
    [Don't use images and text from others without a permission]

  • Counterfeit Designer Items (replicas or imitation of designer products, incl. "inspired by" type of items)
    [Let's be considerate of other companies brand names]

  • Fake Documents

  • Illegal Goods and Services
    [Items must be legal throughout the United States]
    [Items must be able to be sold legally throughout the United States]

  • Personal Information about another individual

  • Prescription Drugs and products that require a prescription

  • Supplements, drugs, and items that the FDA has issued a warning or recall

  • Prostitution

  • Currency Exchanges

  • The same or very similar content several times (even in different categories)
    [Don't try to flood the marketplace with the same or similar item listed many times]

  • Multiple listings of the same item are not allowed. Listing items in lots with a different price per item in lots is not allowed. Each item should be listed only once.

  • Miscategorization
    [Make sure you chose the right global category when you add/edit your products]

  • Meaningless title & description
    [Name and describe properly your products]

  • Test items unless your store is put on-hold
    [If you are still working on your store use the on-hold option]

  • Free items and items with prices that are not "real"

  • Items that are not for sale

  • Pre-order items

  • Firearms & ammunition, stun guns, bb guns, pellet guns, blowguns, dart guns and illegal knives

  • Firearm parts, stun gun parts, bb gun parts, and pellet gun parts

  • Tobacco, cigars for smoking, e-cigarettes, cartridges for e-cigarettes, e-liquid, other smoking-cessation devices, vaporizers and diffusers used for any type of smoking or oral inhalation, any smoking device or smoking related item (unless the item is a collectible item only)

  • Live animals

  • Items made from wild or exotic animal skins (even if farm raised) and taxidermy items of wild or exotic animals; including, but not limited to any animal endangered or threatened under the US Endangered Species Act.

  • Items from drop ship service networks.

  • Mod chips, mod chips accessories or other devices designed to circumvent copyright protection

  • Illegal drugs and drug accessories

  • Signal jammers or products that descramble cable and satellite signals

  • Coupons and vouchers (unless the item is a collectible item)

  • Listings for upgrades, to postage, for insurance, for shipping etc.

  • Listings for upgrades to another product

  • Falsified orders to create or generate false feedback. All orders must be placed by the actual buyer only.

III. Other content requirements

  • Do not invite the users to pay through payment methods not supported by eCRATER.

  • Do not direct users to go to other sites to complete the transaction

  • Do not upload logo images or other generic images such as "image not available" images for your products.

  • Shipping must be set-up in the store to all locations that are selected in the shipping zones. It is not allowed to request shipping or additional costs after an order has been placed. The buyer should have the full cost upon checkout.

If your store becomes suspended please identify the problem, fix it and then email us though the contact form with a request for re-activation.

Comments related to Suspended Stores in general:
* National Sports Jersey's must be licensed by the national sport league. Jerseys for US Colleges must be licensed by the college. If you bought inventory from a manufacture who is not licensed to manufacture those Jerseys, you can't sell them on eCrater.
* Buying a digital copy of a book or computer software does not normally give you the right to sell copies of that download.
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Post new topic   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies. Forum Index -> Suspended Stores
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