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Solutions to Common questions - eCRATER Australia

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:22 pm    Post subject: Solutions to Common questions - eCRATER Australia Reply with quote

As you all probably know we recently announced that we launched an Australian version of our marketplace:

Just like with eCRATER UK this comes with an important change affecting your stores. If you ship to AU in your US store, we will automatically convert your prices in AUD and list your products in our AU marketplace. The main advantage is that you will no longer have to use the global editor to update your prices based on the cross currency rate. We would do this for you automatically. This simplifies the process of selling in AU a lot.

For all merchants who do not like this behavior there is "Do not auto convert prices in other currencies" option. By checking it off we will not auto convert the AU or UK prices. You would rather have to use either the global editor or manually enter the AUD and GPB prices while adding/editing/copying products.

If for some reason you do not want to have your products listed in anymore please follow these two steps:

1) make sure you checked the Do not auto convert prices in other currencies option in the Options menu.

2) Use Global Editor, choose set AU price and then choose delete as an operator.

We encourage all US merchants to start selling in AU as well which will bring more buyers to their stores. The main advantage is that your products will be listed in both our US and AU marketplaces. They will also be posted to Google Shopping Australia. In addition all merchants will receive their own store under the

It is also very easy to "manually" convert your prices to AUD. You can use the global editor to do this. Select set AU price, choose Price in USD as base, choose the * operator and fill out the user value: 1.051 (1 USD = 1.051 AUD as of today).

Please note that your prices in USD will remain unaffected, the operation merely adds prices in AUD as well.

If you want to get rid of the AUD prices then just use the global editor and select action set AU price and select operator delete.

To set the shipping rates to AU please fill out the shipping matrix rates for Australia If you already use the USPS calculator you don't have to do anything because we convert the shipping rates to AUD automatically.

There is also an option called "Enable AUD currency" in the Options menu. This will add another price field in the following pages: add products, edit product and copy product.

US and AU stores will share the same name; just the domain will be different so no need to reserve a name if you already have a store with eCRATER.

The US store will be
The AU store will be

It is currently not possible to have an AU store without a US store.

To sell only part of the items in the AU store, set the price in AUD for only the items that are to be sold in the AU store. This can be done in both global-editor and add product menu. If the item has a price in AUD you will see it in If the item does not have a price in AUD, the item will be only available in

If you want to set up Google Analytics for your AU store please fill out the AU Google Analytics ID in menu options. To get the AU analytics ID you need to add your AU store URL in Google Analytics first.
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