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Happy Birthday America! Let Freedom Ring, Now and Forever

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 8:00 pm    Post subject: Happy Birthday America! Let Freedom Ring, Now and Forever Reply with quote

Re-posted from our social media accounts:

If you find these words a light in the dark, please #PayItForward and share. We can all use a little encouragement right now. #Covid--19 #Racism #4thofJuly #Freedom #ThinkResponsibly #DCDeepThoughts #IndependenceDay

With all the craziness going on this year, people are in a very expressive mood--even more than usual. Tempers flare and words exchanged. And worse. But regardless of which side of the issues you find yourself, at least for today, we are united as one people. Rather than add to the verbal garbage and hurtful mood--which will only perpetuate the vicious cycle--we're calling for a cease fire this weekend. To uplift rather than tear down. Please share your inspirational quotes and reflections on freedom. And let the healing begin.

1/7 "The guns are silent now. And so are many of the men whose hands once held them. Never again will they see their wives or mothers, never again will they hear their children laugh. And never again will they smell the sweet scents of home.

2/7 For what did these husbands and fathers, these brothers and sons give their lives so many thousands of miles from home? I say it was for one word. And that word is freedom. #Freedom to pray, to write, to speak, to feel, to be. As we see fit not as others would dictate to us.

3/7 To this #freedom which has been so dearly bought, it is up to us, the living, to dedicate our lives and futures to its eternal protection" - Aug 16, 1945. #AllThisHasHappenedBefore #AllLivesMatter #IndependenceDay #DCDeepThoughts #July4th

4/7 In this time of strife and struggle for equality, a sense of self and united acceptance, this is a call not to action but rest. For on this day of #Independence, we are not Black. We are not White. Gay or Straight, North or South. Democrat/Republican. Today we are #American.

5/7 Time to lay down our guns and enjoy that fact for one shining moment. To cease political bloodshed and hateful rhetoric. To stop tearing down one another's cultural heritage in defense of our own. To treat one another with the same kindness we ourselves would wish to receive.

6/7 To respect the teachings of #history which laid the foundation of who we are, and to stop trying to erase its often painful memory. For without those lessons, we only doom ourselves to repeat the vicious cycle. Only when this comes to pass will we truly taste #freedom.

7/7 And we can come together as a truly united, civilized culture. As one nation. Under God. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all. RT and follow if you agree. Happy #July4th from all of us at DC. #DCDeepThoughts #IndependenceDay #AllLivesMatter #AllThisHasHappenedBefore

Happy Birthday, America. Let Freedom Ring, Now and Forever. And Be Safe Out There.
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