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What kind of Fees are there to sell on eCRATER?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2021 4:24 pm    Post subject: What kind of Fees are there to sell on eCRATER? Reply with quote

Fees for having a store
There are no fees to feature listings in your very own eCRATER store! Any item that is purchased directly through your store has no fee!

Fees for the eCRATER Marketplace
You will have ad fees that place your marketplace listings in the shopping sections of the various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The fees on eCrater are based on the price of the item only, you are not charged a fee on the shipping.

When you first start up your store this fee is set at 2.9%. If you have a sale that comes through the eCRATER Marketplace you will be charged a 2.9% fee.

After your store has been active for a few weeks and you have made a few sales you may increase your level of advertising. This option will appear in your admin dashboard under ACCOUNT > OPTIONS > SELECT Google/Bing/Yahoo advertising level. You have the choice of 5.9% 8.9%,12.9%, 16.9% or 20.9%. The default is 2.9%. (Please note that this option does not appear right away, it takes a few weeks.)

The higher the level, the more eCRATER will spend for advertising in search engines for your products. Higher level of advertising comes with higher marketplace cost. Please note that this higher rates will apply only for orders coming from eCRATER search engine paid campaigns.

If you have made a sale you are able to see how the sale arrived under your BASIC SET UP > ORDERS page. It will look like this:

ORDER # .. NAME: ...... TOTAL: ...... DATE: ............... CAME FROM:
5134385 ... Patricia ..... $9.94 .... 07/03/21 13:12 .. marketplace 12.9%
5132611 ... JESSICA ... $8.98 .... 07/01/21 09:51 ... marketplace
5129828 ... Elizabeth .. $17.00 .. 06/27/21 23:47 ... store Direct
5125903 ... Michelle .... $18.00 .. 06/23/21 02:42 .... store Google
5125189 ... Tracey ...... £12.35 .. 06/22/21 07:22 ... marketplace 12.9%
5121369 ... Mary ........ $8.98 .... 06/17/21 12:35 ... store Pinterest
If it says marketplace 20.9, 16.9, 12.9 or 8.9 or 5.9 this means your sale came from an ad on the search engine which linked your item in the eCRATER Marketplace. You will be charged the level you have chosen.

If it says marketplace without a percentage, you will be charged 2.9%. This means that your sale was made when someone was shopping directly on the eCRATER Marketplace, used a saved link, followed a link from the basic organic search engine, or found a link to the item on the marketplace that had been posted by someone not related to any ad campaign (like on facebook, pintrest, a blog, etc.).

Store Direct, store Google, store Pinterest means that a sale came directly to your store and not the marketplace. Anytime you have a sale direct to your store there is no charge. You will need to learn how to promote your store in order to generate sales direct to your store. You can read many posts on promoting and you can also ask questions of the sellers for tips on promotion on this forum.

How do you pay the fees?
You will receive a monthly invoice from eCRATER.

******Please note******
You will also have fees from your Payment Processor. At this time you may use Paypal, Stripe or both. You may check with the Paypal or Stripe to see their current charges. Paypal recently announced a small increase in their rates.
You also have the option for buyers to send money orders, personal check, cashiers check or cash on delivery. These options have been available since eCRATER started up but in today's ecommerce environment they are not recommended. Make sure that you uncheck them when setting up your store if you do not want them.

When setting up your store there are some options to choose a paid template and a charge if you wish to have your own domain. They are not required and are optional. There are many free templates to choose from.

If I am forgetting anything please send me a pm.
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