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On Products pg. under Price From-To, What do the boxes mean?

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2021 2:42 am    Post subject: On Products pg. under Price From-To, What do the boxes mean? Reply with quote

Here is an explanation for the boxes located on the manage PRODUCTS page in your admin dashboard, courtesy of Sheila Dee's Postcards.

On the Manage Products page, all the things listed above the button labeled "Add New Product" are different ways you can search your products. For example, the Choose Category has a down arrow to the right that list all of your stores categories so you can see just the products that are listed in that category. The "Search" is a keyword search of all your titles or you could search for an exact title. If you want to see all the items you have listed that are priced greater than $25.00, just enter 25.00 in the "Price From" box. The remaining options are additional ways to search your inventory. You should never check any of these items unless you are wanting to see a select group of your inventory items.

Here's a little more info on the 6 search items.

Missing unique identifiers - Originally, this would show all the inventory items that didn't have a GTIN (upc, ean, jan, or isbn) listed. As Google Shopping changed their requirements I think this one may have changed some. At this point I really don't know exactly what this one shows because I've gotten different results in my different stores. However, I can say for sure this one deals just with the attributes of brand, gtin, mpn, and/or isbn.

Missing required attributes - This should show the inventory items that are missing the required attributes for Google Shopping based on the Global category in which you listed the item. (This search doesn't look at the attributes labeled "unique identifiers".

Hidden - This will show all your inventory items that are hidden from view in your store and the marketplace. Sometimes a seller may not complete a new listing and will hid the item until the listing is complete. If you have enabled Inventory Control on your Account > Options page, then when you sell an item and receive payment during the checkout process, the system will check the box on the item page to "Hide this product". If you check this box, you'll see all your products that currently have the "Hide this product" box checked. Sold items on eCrater stay in a hidden status until the seller deletes the product. I like to send the buyer a link to the hidden product so they can see the listings while waiting for their item to arrive. I also keep it hidden (and available) it there is a problem after the sale.

Missing images - This will show all inventory that are have no photos added.

Disapproved from Google - This is related to the feed eCrater submits to Google Shopping. If eCrater gets a notice from Google Shopping that an item is disapproved, they will flag the item and show the reason they received from GS. If you have an item disapproved, when you look at that item and view the Attribute table, the reason will be shown above the table. (NOTE: This does not mean you item is disapprove from the organic Google search, only Google Shopping.)

Google quality - If eCrater gets a quality flag from the Google Shopping feed, the item will be flagged and the reason shown above the Google Attribute Table.
Using this search will let you see the items flagged, but you'll need to look at each item to see the reason flagged.
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